SMR Foam Rollers

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Foam Rollers are incredibly useful tools to use on the body to improve flexibility and to ease ones' body of painful musculoskeletal conditions. In order to fully understand and to appreciate what a foam roller can do for your body, it is necessary to explain basic concepts in anatomy and physiology so that you may utilize a foam roller to its full potential for your body. Let's have a look at some of the basic questions most readers will have about this topic:

What can a foam roller do for my body?

Excerise rollers for self-myofascial release (SMR) are very beneficial for a wide variety of specific objectives. The use of an exercise roller (foam roller) improves flexibilitiy, reduces myofascial trigger points thus eliminating taut muscle fibers that consist of "knots", improves local circulation, and essentially helps manage chronic pain.

What type of foam roller should I choose?

Foam rollers are available in many different sizes and shapes. The best type of foam roller to use is one that is reinforced to withstand constant pressure from the users' body while completing specific foam roller exercises. To ensure that the foam roller does not "flatten" over time, choose one that is larger in diameter but not too large where it is too big for your body.
If the foam roller is too firm at first for your body, perhaps use it on a mat or on a carpeted floor to prevent too much pressure. Over time, the foam roller will become molded more specifically for your body, so be patient and continue completing your foam roller exercises with the exercise roll.